The Explorer Mindset by Møller Institute

The Explorer Mindset

The Explorer Mindset is a unique leadership development programme for the 21st Century, created by
The Møller Institute at Churchill College in the
University of Cambridge

Uncharted business territory requires new navigation skills. Successful business leaders and entrepreneurs view the fast-changing landscape with excitement.

Where others see disruptive threats and challenges, you see opportunities.

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What is
The Explorer Mindset?

The Explorer Mindset is a full-board residential executive development programme. It provides pre-programme, inter-modular and post-programme coaching support and project work – all structured to fit around management work commitments.

It is formed of two intensive, multi-dimensional modules:

Module 1
14-18 November 2021

Module 2
13-17 March 2022

The programme prepares you and your organisation to reach new frontiers in leadership, whatever your background, academic qualifications or career path. It is particularly valuable for those experiencing an inflection point, be that personal or organisational.

Programme Features

The Explorer Mindset programme - designed by highly experienced executive educators, leading thinkers in the field of leadership development and leading in complexity – is a truly immersive Cambridge learning experience.
  • Intensive programme tackling five dominant forces reshaping organisations.

  • Programme leadership themes focusing on personal growth and team performance as well as organisational innovation and growth.

  • Exceptional residential setting at the award-winning The Møller Institute, Churchill College at the University of Cambridge.

  • Delivered by diverse experts and practitioners in leadership.

  • Pre-programme diagnostic and inter-modular applied leadership project.

  • Stringent admissions process ensures a complementary, global senior leadership cohort.

  • Fully integrated coaching programme.

  • Post-programme impact assessment.

  • Individually tailored wellbeing programme.

Programme Themes

The Explorer Mindset programme will focus on three key leadership themes: 1) Personal leadership development 2) Team dynamics and performance 3) Organisational innovation and growth

Outlined below are the seven Explorer Mindsets the programmes is based around. These will be inter-woven in the Explorer Mindset programme:

  1. Leading innovation
  2. Approach orientation
  3. Personal resilience
  4. Perspective taking
  5. Ambiguity tolerance
  6. Preparedness
  7. Risk tolerance

The Explorer Mindset programme is designed to equip you with the cognitive, emotional and behavioural resources to confidently lead your organisation at this critical point in history.

Unfortunately, too many executives underestimate the risk of their leadership capabilities not keeping pace with these seismic shifts, a 2017 report by Deloitte found*.

Its survey of 800 global business executives found 90% are redesigning their organisations to be more dynamic and agile, yet they underestimate the crucial demand for “a completely different type of leader “.

*Leadership disrupted: Pushing the boundaries – 2017 Global Human Capital Trends report by Deloitte


You know the world is changing. You know a new leadership mindset is needed to navigate these turbulent times.
This is your time.

Who Should Apply?

Explorers share a natural curiosity, resilience, determination, focus, preparedness, entrepreneurial risk appetite and sense of higher purpose that often means they achieve highly in leadership positions.

The Explorer Mindset senior leadership development programme is particularly useful for those experiencing an inflection point.

This may be personal – transitioning to or between new roles, for example – or organisational – priming for funding rounds, IPO or sale of a business.

At such inflection points, the benefit of taking on new skills, knowledge and ideas to continue progressing is magnified.

If you think you have an ‘explorer mindset’, applications are invited from:

  • Private, Public or Not-for-Profit sectors
  • 8 years+ management and leadership experience
  • C-suite (CEO, CFO, COO, CIO, CTO, CMO)
  • Partner / Senior Associate / VP / Senior VP
  • Head of Department / Head of Region
  • Founder / Director / Entrepreneur
  • Board Chairman / Board Member

Why Choose The Møller Institute?

Churchill College in the University of Cambridge

Part of Churchill College at the University of Cambridge, The Møller Institutehas been voted the UK’s Best Management Training Centre and won multiple awards for its academic venue and banqueting staff.

Møller Institute has been designing and delivering highly successful leadership development programmes for global organisations for more than a decade. It provides open enrolment programmes and customised executive education programmes for senior leaders, aspiring leaders and those operating in highly regulated environments.

The Møller Institute was founded as a Centre of Excellence, inspired by two great leaders: Sir Winston Churchill and Maersk Mc-Kinney Møller. It was the recipient of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in 2012; an annual award bestowed by Her Majesty The Queen.

Inspired by its Danish heritage, The Møller Institute building combines high-quality architecture, art and design to provide a truly creative and inspiring space within which to learn and collaborate.


25 only

Module 1

Five days
14-18 November 2021

Module 2

Five days
13-17 March 2022


Møller Institute, Cambridge, UK


£10,000+VAT (for both modules, includes all tuition, full-board residential)